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The problems with nuclear power generation are widely known.  Coal will continue to be used.  It is washed and  polluting gases are removed by electrostatic precipitators and desulfurisation.  Work is being done to trap and store liquid carbon dioxide underground
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When Europeans arrived in Australia they had to make do with materials that were at hand. Supplies from the UK were unreliable. This creativity has persisted in Australian technological development 
Australian technology.

Working in hot environments is uncomfortable and unhealthy.  Consequently, the Cool Vest has been developed to improve the situation.  Cool packs are built into a comfortable work vest worn around the torso above the waist. The packs can be precooled in a refrigerator, freezer or iced water
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Australian technology.

Australia is a major supplier of iron ore with steel being used in most of the world's products.  Only China and Brazil provide more.  Rio Tinto and BHP are the second and third largest seaborne suppliers respectively.  BHP's subsidiary company BlueScope Steel also manufactures roof sheeting, steel house frames and complete houses
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Australian technology.

Many useful inventions have been invented by humble, ordinary Australians,  For the most part they have been developed out of necessity because of Australia's distance from major trading centers.  Things have changed today but Australians continue to create new products that are used in countries across the world
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The most successful organization in Australia is CSIRO.  Technically a public company, it has a huge portfolio composed of licensed intellectual property.  It discovers and invents on a virtual creative production line. The best minds from Australia and other countries find careers at CSIRO ~ 📡 technology of australia