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australian culture
A man crossing the country looking for work was called a swagman and on his shoulder he carried a cloth tied as a bag to hold his belongings.  He went "Waltzing Matilda" across the land ~ πŸ“© australian culture.

The barbecue is a central activity. Even strangers can be invited so they are given a "fair go".  Most Australians live on the coast though the traditional bush life is held with esteem.  The laid-back attitude "she'll be right mate" probably came from Aboriginals who have been here for 50,000 years ~ πŸ‘culture australia.

A multicultural attitude is taken by all, as immigrants came from many countries.  Settlers then convicts were sent from England.  Freemen discovered gold. People came the world over to dig.  In the 20th century people from all Europeans countries arrived.  Today Asia is the main source for new Australians.  Cousine is varied and exists alongside bush tucker
~ 🍴 australian culture.
AUSTRALIAN BEHAVIOR culture             
If one is called a "bloody idiot" it is a compliment.  Egalitarianism is the norm.  All are treated equally irrespective of income or education.  Show offs, "tall poppies" are soon cut down to size.  Australian get straight to the point.  If you have a meal together everyone pays his/her share, like shouting a round of beer. ~ 🍺
Culture in Australia.

Australians bond together as "mates"; this is due to the hard times in the past.  Ethnic jokes are told but Australians will defend those of different origins.  When you visit bring some drink and when you take a taxi sit next to the driver ~ πŸš•
australian culture.